I was just having this conversation with a friend who owns a hybrid Camry that he's had for about 20 years. 'Where do you even take those?'

With more and more electric vehicles hitting the streets of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, it's starting to come to mind: Where do those electric car batteries need to be taken when they're exhausted?

My friend is driving around with a hybrid that has a dead electric battery; it can be expensive to replace them, especially when the car is getting too old to warrant getting it replaced.

The Colorado Sun reports that CSU did some research, and there are a few places in Colorado that you can take those batteries to.

It's always a 'best-bet' to call ahead, but these places should be able to help you out.



Those two deal with regular car batteries, of course, so they may not be as versed on EV batteries. These below may put your mind at ease.


See what they did there? Mile Hiig city, Hybrid.. Mile Hybrid. That's pretty clever. Plus, they're one of the state's top places dealing with the recycling of EV batteries. They are in the Commerce City area just south of I-70 and east of Highway 2.


These guys are in north Denver off of Washington, and it sounds like they will take you EV battery, but they don't have a website. Probably saving battery power. You can call them through: (303) 921-5211.

Get more on recycling EV batteries from the Colorado Sun HERE.

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