White Claw is running out. Terrible breaking news as Denver is to host the nation's first official hard seltzer festival and competition this weekend.

Fizz Fight is coming to the EXDO Event Center this Saturday, September 14th.

The Denver Post reported, “the trend has really hit home in Colorado, where you can find locally produced hard seltzers by breweries like Upslope, Verboten and Elvtd at 5280, a dedicated seltzery in Olde Town Arvada."

White Claw isn't just a meme source, the sales are impressive as its social media presence.

The company has grown to $327.7 million as of July, according to data from Nielsen.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade maker Mark Anthony Brands launched the brand in 2016.

Seems like everyone is trying to get in on this fad of hard seltzer drinks, includingThe fad Anheuser-Busch and Natural Light.

Hopefully we'll see enough White Claws this weekend.

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