Not a fan of heights? One road in Colorado may not be for you. However, if you can muster up the courage, you will be in for quite the treat on Skyline Drive in Canon City, Colorado.

The History of Skyline Drive in Canon City

According to Wikipedia, Skyline Drive was built by inmates in 1905. The three-mile road ascends 800 feet in elevation. You won't have to worry about oncoming traffic as Skyline Road is one way.

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Only the most attentive of drivers should take on Skyline Drive as there are no guardrails to protect you from the steep terrain and cliffs. While you are on Skyline Drive, you will come across the Dinosaur Trackway. This area is fenced in and is home to the footprints of a dinosaur named the Ankylosaurus. The footprints were set in stone millions of years ago by the dinosaurs from the Middle Jurrasic era.

Skyline Drive seems like it would be one for the books on a road trip. See the video from Abom Adventures of their ride on Skyline Drive.

How do you get to Skyline Drive in Canon City, Colorado

From Highway 50, near Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, take Skyline Drive into Canon City, Colorado for approximately three miles.

This is one of those drives in Colorado I believe is a must-do for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are the driver or the passenger.

Source: Youtube - Wikipedia

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