Although they aren't always attached to the house, mailboxes can still add a lot of character to a property. Some postal boxes are even personalized to match the home they stand in front of or are designed with a customized theme, like a beach or farm. When made to be quirky or colorful, these small structures serve as a fun decorative yard element.

However, unique streetside mailboxes seem to be going out of style in the Centennial State. Not to say they don't exist, because they do, but more and more neighborhood cluster mailboxes appear to be popping up in Colorado instead.

There are several reasons why this is.

According to, the U.S. Postal Service is under a lot of pressure to cut costs wherever possible. Part of this means requiring builders and developers to purchase and install kiosks that have multiple postal slots, rather than having individual boxes at new residences.

The cluster option helps the postal service save money on gasoline and wear-and-tear on its vehicles. Also, because letter carriers can deliver to more mailboxes at once when they are clustered, fewer carriers are needed to take on the same amount of mail, thus saving money on salaries.

Another reason cluster mailboxes are gaining popularity, is because of the security they offer. There's less of a chance of identity theft or mail being stolen if items are safely locked inside of a box.

The grouped boxes are a good option for smaller Colorado towns, such as Crested Butte, where home delivery is not as easily available. Other towns, like Gypsum, have complained about postal issues regarding stand-alone mailboxes, including letters falling out of boxes or being left all over the place, so this helps to combat those types of problems as well.

On the flip side, these large metal grouped  mailboxes are anything but attractive. They're generic, boring, and basically just a giant eyesore in any subdivision. Regardless, many HOAs around the state do opt to install the kiosks though. And it also makes complete sense as to why apartment complexes and other multi-unit residences would address their mail situation with this solution.

An interesting postal-related fact that people might not know, is that real brick, rock, stone, and steel mailboxes are all illegal in the state of Colorado. This was put into place in order to keep streets as safe as possible. Other municipalities around the country also enforce this law.

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