Recently, I published an article wondering if Colorado, especially Denver was really experiencing a mass exodus and while some numbers show that to be true, it doesn't necessarily mean they're leaving the state completely, instead moving further South, East and North up into our neck of the woods here in Northern Colorado.

With that being said, there is also data that proves that plenty of people are actually packing up and moving out of the state completely. 

So I thought it would be interesting to pose the question on our Facebook page to you the listeners of our show and the readers of my articles on if you thought it was true and if so, why you thought so many people were leaving the great state of Colorado.



Overall costs, especially to housing and overcrowding is what most people said were the main culprits, I thought Christine Nordby Simmons made some strong points with here Facebook comment:

"Too many people moving in raising the cost of living, groceries, etc., while the wages remain mostly untouched since the Stone Age…..There is no cute picket fence and 2.5 kids in CO…. There is necessary roommates and a shared apartment, maybe a dog."

Crystal Gertson added: "Cost! I absolutely love everything about my life in Colorado but we are considering moving due to cost! Everything from housing to cost of water in our town is ridiculous!"

Adrianne Beezly, a former Coloradan chimed in with this: "It costs too much to live there anymore...we now pay half what we did in CO and have a bigger house and a 1/4 acre lot with fruit trees and a garden plot...the storms here can get pretty wild and I miss my mountains but the lack of traffic and the $$ in my pockets will keep this CO girl out of CO"

Jeff HIll came in with this thought: "Prices and politics. In the 10 years I've lived here it has gone from a reasonably affordable purple state to a massively overpriced blue state."

Angel Potts had four simple thoughts for us:

"Cost of living... Our governor... Population growth... Becoming California"

Betty Harrison brings up a great point here for renters who many of them every year see their rents go skyrocketing and that includes my Mom who is in a 55 and older community where many people are on a strict fixed income and this causes more stress for them...

"Housing cost is outrageous! Thankfully we have a great landlord who hasn't raised our rent in 15years or we wouldn't be able to afford where we live. We moved here 23 years ago and don't plan on leaving, unless we don't have a choice"

Karl Rinne said:  "It's the nomads, the banks and the developers raising housing beyond affordability along with the governing entities at federal, city, state and county levels thumbing their noses at the people when it comes to providing infrastructure."

And I think Amber Wilcox pretty much sums up the thoughts of many Coloradans thoughts with this comment: "The liberals moving in and turning this into a California state is running the true Coloradoans out"

With all of that being said, I truly enjoy living in Colorado. I can also assure you that the other states that I've lived in have many of the same issues there as we have dealing with here.

So whether a move is in the works and needed for you, that's completely understandable but we also need to recognize and appreciate some of the things that make Colorado a special place and some reasons why people are so gung ho about moving to Colorado. 

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