While it was an extra special holiday for many Americans by being able to mingle with friends and family, The Stanley Hotel's 4th of July was special in a different way.

Thank you, Stephen King, for providing another reason to celebrate on the 4th of July. A day for family, apple pie, fireworks... and a crazed caretaker wielding an ax.

'Shut, up.' I remember saying that when in the movie, 'The Shining,' after Jack Torrance appears to freeze to death outside of the hotel, they zoom in on a picture there at The Stanley, I mean The Overlook, and there, in a black and white photo on the wall, is the movie's main character, Jack Torrance. Shut, up.

Apparently, the photo was taken at the Overlook's 4th of July Ball.... in 1921. So many fans of the hotel and the movie were quick to remind everyone that this year's Independence Day marked the 100th anniversary of the ball where Jack Torrance was 'in attendance.'

The director of the film, Stanley Kubrick, said the photo signifies that Jack Torrance is a reincarnation of the fellow at the ball in 1921. OK, I can buy that. It just adds to the weirdness of the whole thing.

What would be crazy, if in that photo (which is an actual photo of a big ball from back in the day with Jack Nicholson's face photo-shopped onto one of the partygoer's faces,) Kubrick somehow put symbols in there to reveal that he did indeed film the fake moon landing, which has long been a conspiracy theory.

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