They have the meats, and now Windsor has two. Arby's has begun construction of a new location.

I remember when Loveland had an Arby's by Lake Loveland when I was young. Those were good times. Now, I find out that not only will Windsor have one, but they'll have TWO. Dang, it.

The new one is going up off of Crossroads Boulevard at Fairgrounds, by Fuzzy's Taco Shop.

I've noticed that a lot of Arby's locations are now in areas where there aren't a lot of OTHER 'fast-food' joints. The one at I-25 at the Windsor exit, for example, there's only a Taco Johns nearby. OK, yes, there is a Subway in the convenience store, but overall, it's slim pickings.  The new Windsor location only has a Qdoba nearby.  Interesting. Not FASCINATING, but interesting.

I do like how they use the guy from Bob's Burgers and Archer (H. John Benjamin) as their spokesperson-

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