Windsor Police are continuing their investigation of a Windsor High School student's death on December 15th.

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Police are following the standardized death investigation protocols. At this time the 17 year old's death appears to be a suicide. Per a press release, the student was at school the day of the incident, but left school grounds alone prior to taking his own life. There also was no indication of any danger to other students or staff members and it appears there were no weapons brought to the school. Windsor Police are not releasing the child's name due to age and in respect for his family. The cause of death will be determined by the Weld County Coroners Office. The case is considered to be active until all information has been collected and evaluated and finalized.

On a personal note, I myself have had to bear the heartache of dealing with a recent suicide in my family. It is heartbreaking to endure. If you are suffering from depression or are thinking of taking your own life, remember, there are people that do care about you. There are also many resources available to you. If you are having a hard time, we all encourage you to reach out:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Safe2Tell Colorado



Larimer County - Larimer Center for Mental Health



Weld County - North Range Behavioral Health


Source: Windsor Police Department