Everyone has “a list.”  You know which list we’re talking about.  Whether it’s saved in an encrypted Word document on your computer (really?) or typed in ancient Sanskrit or if you can simply recite it from memory (and kudos to you if you can but that must mean it’s a rather low number), we all take inventory of our naughty stories.

Allen Iverson ended his NBA career with 134 double-doubles and averaging 27.1 points-per-game, but since he is a pro athlete, he’d probably be hard-pressed to remember how many Double D’s he’s had in his life. Unfortunately for him, his soon-to-be ex-wife Tawanna Iverson has filed documents requesting the name and phone number of every person he had been with from marriage to divorce, along with every purchase for over $1,000 during that time period.   We doubt the Elias Sports Bureau has those figures on hand.

This brings up an interesting debate: when you’re in a relationship, most people are curious of their significant others’ number.  The question is “would you be willing to fork over your list of trysts to your ‘teammate’ if he or she asked?

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