The Cowboy State looks to be "stirring the pot" when it comes to the electric vs. gas- powered vehicle debate. They have a point, but will it actually happen?

Wyoming's senate introduced Senate Joint Resolution 4, on January 13, 2022, in the effort to not only show how serious they are about their state, but to show other states that Wyoming is not ready to "jump" like the others.

Wyoming-E Vehicle Ban
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Wyoming has never shied away from showing other states what they think about issues, especially when it comes to the state's economy. This new initiative, is a way for Wyoming to show its disdain for the idea of eliminating gas-powered vehicles.

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According to Cowboy State Daily, two Republican senators from Wyoming are co-sponsoring the bill, are looking to shine the light on states like California that have passed legislation to entirely ban the sales of new gas-powered vehicles in that state, by 2035.

Their bill reads, in part:

created countless jobs and has contributed revenues to the state of Wyoming throughout the state's history; and

WHEREAS, since its invention, the gas-powered vehicle has enabled the state's industries and businesses to engage in commerce and transport goods and resources more efficiently throughout the country; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming's vast stretches of highway, coupled with a lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, make the widespread use of electric vehicles impracticable for the state; and..   [More]

Note that, with the battery parts are 90% recyclable, and that Wyoming will be receiving $24 million for new EV charging stations along I-80, I-90, and I-25, over the next five years. Wyoming is not really looking for an actual ban like in California, they are more looking to help support the important oil industry that they have in the state.

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