YK Osiris got into a confrontation outside Cardi B's 30th birthday party that might have escalated to a fight had his security not stepped in.

On Wednesday (Oct. 12), TMZ shared footage of the "Worth It" crooner leaving Cardi B's birthday bash at Poppy nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday night (Oct. 11). The video clip shows the former XXL Freshman sitting in his Lamborghini SUV while a man standing near the vehicle taunts the entertainer.

"Fuck boy," the guy, who appears to be intoxicated, yells. "Yeah, I know. You a pussy, nigga. You ain't about that life."

YK Osiris then emerges from the car in a possible attempt to confront the man, but the crooner's security quickly steps in and places YK back into his vehicle. After YK is out of harm's way, the man continues to talk tough to the security guards and a police officer who are attempting to get him to calm down.

"I'm ’bout that shit," the man screams. "What the fuck you talkin' ’bout? I been the one, nigga. I been the one."

The Golden Child artist eventually drives off and the man is left to argue it out with security.

YK Osiris wasn't the only person to run into issues outside of Cardi's party. Jamie Foxx was denied entry into the celebrity soiree reportedly because he had too many people with him. Video of the incident shows someone affiliated with the club or party asking Jamie to stay after he was turned away. However, the Academy Award-winning actor was not trying to hear it.

See Video of YK Osiris Getting Into a Confrontation Outside of Cardi B's Birthday Party Below

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