YNW Melly may still be behind bars as he awaits trial for the double-murder of his friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, but the rapper is still able to get messages out to the public. Most recently, Melly called out his mother concerning claims of theft directed towards his manager.

After a series of now-deleted social media exchanges between YNW Melly's manager, Jameson Francois, who professionally goes by Track; YNW JGreen, an affiliate of Melly's; the rapper's brother YNW BSlime, and mother, YNW Melly has spoken his piece, saying that his mother has been dishonest about Track withholding money from her and her younger son. The video can be found at the bottom of this post.

The "Murder on My Mind" rhymer, who is currently behind bars at the Broward County Sheriff's Office, had a jail call with his manager, which was shared via Instagram Live recently and began circulating online on Tuesday (April 4).

"Man, listen," Melly said on the call. "Everybody who entertaining that shit, or whatever going on, bruh. That is not what it is, bruh. My mama be lying. My mama got anxiety issues. Her ass tripping, bruh, you know what I'm saying? She feels some type of way because she feels my brother is supposed to be bigger or whatever bruh. Nobody fuckin' my brother on no money. Track fuckin' my brother on money means I'm fuckin' my brother on money and I'd never do that to my little brother. We split the same percentage on my little brother's shit."

The Florida rhymer went on to defend his manager, whom he says has been holding things down while he's been behind bars since his YNW Melly's rrest in February of 2019 for the double-homicide that took place months prior in October of 2018.

"Been holding this down, bruh," he continued. "Over all my finances, over everything. We go over all my shit, monthly. Ain't no dime missing. Ain't no dime missing from my brother. Ain't none of that shit going on. This the nigga that been holding it down day for day, picking the phone up. The only person I got that I can really depend on. I can't depend on my mama, I can't depend on nobody else, bruh."

YNW Melly later shared that he planned to clear the air once he was released from jail, but decided to tell his side of the story on the phone call instead.

"That shit just comes with jealousy and enemies, bruh," he explained. "I don't even know who my mama is right now, you get what I'm saying? Y'all, don't believe none of that shit. It's been three years. I never said no shit like this. I'm breaking my silence. I really wanted to wait ’til I got out so a bitch could really see what it is, but I'm definitely gonna break my silence again. I'm fighting for my life right now. I got more shit going on."

"My mama lying," he added. "My mama crazy as fuck. What you doing? You get what I'm saying? Niggas be out of pocket and niggas be on drugs. And niggas be trippin' and shit. All that shit gon' get adjusted."

YNW Melly's mom has also chimed in, posting on her Instagram that despite the conversation her son had with his manager, she has been supportive of Melly and made sure he was monetarily secure while in jail. That post has also been deleted.

Prior to Melly's call with Track, JGreen got into a heated verbal dispute with the manager via livestream, where Green is putting Track on blast for allegedly only giving BSlime his signing earnings. Thus, Melly and BSlime's mom has reportedly had to foot the bill for Slime's rap career.

There was also an alleged text exchange between Track and BSlime, in which Slime told the manager he's only 14 years old and doesn't want to be involved with the tension between Track and his mother. Another message was shared between Track and Melly's mother as well.

Track has since apologized for the social media disputes. In an IG post featuring a picture of Melly and his family, Track wrote today (April 5), "I TOOK EVERYTHING DOWN AS A LEADER I APOLOGIZE TODAY FOR MY ACTION FAKE AS SITUATIONS BROUGHT THE WORST OUT OF ME BUT WE BETTER THEN THAT AND I WILL LEAD BY EXAMPLE FORGIVE ME BLOG SITES TAKE THAT RECORDING DOWN I DONT CARE IF YALL LEAVE THE OTHER STUFF BUT @ynwmelly LOVE HIS MOM @jamiek_ynw AND HIS FAMILY WE ALL SAID STUFF OUT OF ANGER AT THE END OF THE DAY WE ALL FAMILY RIGHT OR WRONG .. lil bra got trial coming up let’s put positive messages out there - Track."

YNW Melly had three hearing set for this week. On Monday (April 4), YNW Melly's tattoos were photographed. Expert witnesses were also listed. Tomorrow (April 6), there will be a hearing to determine if T-Mobile will suppress phone records as well as whether or not Twitter will suppress tweets to dictate if they'll be inadmissible in court. The court will hold a Daubert hearing on Friday (April 8), which is a rule of evidence that will determine if an expert witness testimony will be used in court.

Melly withdrew his demand for a speedy trial on March 2. His trial date hasn't been revealed just yet.

Watch the video of YNW Melly's call where he speaks on his mom below.

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