Personalized license plates are a luxury that many of us would love to have. I'll admit, that I have looked into getting personalized plates for one of our vehicles, only to be let down that someone else already has claimed the plate I wanted.

Each year, thousands of license plates in the state of Colorado are banned from becoming personalized plates. Vulgar, crude, and explicit plates are almost always banned in an instant. This also goes for marijuana-themed license plates in the state of Colorado.

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However, if you are jonesing for a Colorado license plate that says "420" you are in luck. On top of that luck, you are also going to need some pretty deep pockets for the Second Annual 4/20 Colorado License Place Configuration Auction.

This license plate auction is offering marijuana-themed plates to the highest bidder. When you bid on one of the 22 marijuana-themed license plates and win, you are buying the rights for your official Colorado license plate.

What Happens When You Win the Bid?

If you happen to be the highest bidder when the auction ends on April 20 at 4:20 pm, you will be paying for the right to officially use the customized license plate in Colorado. However, you will still need to pay any DMV fees when registering your plate configuration.

The marijuana-themed license plates will help raise funds for the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. Here are the 22 marijuana-themed Colorado license plates available during this year's auction:

22 Different 420 Themed Colorado License Plates You Can Bid On

These plates are up for auction and will be sold to the highest bidder on 4/20.

For more information and to bid on one of the 22 marijuana-themed Colorado license plates, visit the Second Annual 4/20 Colorado License Plate Configuration Auction.

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