Colorado is in bear country. It's a plain and simple fact, and it's something that we as Coloradans simply have to deal with. When we're trekking up into the mountains, we are in their home and in their territory, and it's important that we respect that.

Most of the time, bears want nothing to do with us. But sometimes, if the bears are having a hard time finding food in their more secluded environment, they will trek down a little closer to us and sometimes in our backyards looking for food.

This could be one of those years according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife because of the lack of moisture and the really hot temperatures that we've been experiencing already.

CPW District Wildlife Manager had this say about the situation to Fox 31 KDVR:

“If we don’t continue to get some moisture throughout the summer, it’s going to get dry, so those berries might flower and they might fruit but then they’re just not gonna be — think the ones at the grocery store. You don’t want the ones that are all shriveled up in the corner, but that’s kind of looking like what we might end up with.”

So it only makes sense that if the food supply they usually get isn't there, they will come down and snoop around until they find something yummy. So, to avoid any interactions, be diligent about how and where you store your trash cans, bird feeders, pet food dishes, etc...these are all things that can draw a hungry bear's attention.

Sometimes you can do all of the right things and still encounter a bear, if this happens, CPW officials suggest you do these things:


"You want to look big, you want to be calm, you don’t want to run away. That’s gonna spur their predatory instinct to try to chase you,” Asnicar said. “If it continues toward you, you ramp it up. You can throw rocks, sticks et cetera. Yell at the bear.”


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