Todd Harding, TSM

Most City of Evans residents and business operators who were in the “no flush” zone now are allowed to flush toilets, wash their hands and shower, but some restrictions remain in effect until the Wastewater Treatment Plant is fully operational. Evans has been under a ‘no flush’ order for eight days.

Residents are still being asked to conserve water that goes down the drain. Businesses and residents are still being asked to refrain from doing laundry. Residents are asked to be responsible and caring community members so they don’t overload the system, which can result in sewage backing up in basements.

Car washing, use of garden hoses and other outside water use is permitted

The focus now turns to jetting and cleaning the sanitary system at the Water Treatment Plant to be sure it is open and clean. When it is clear that the plant is operating normally, the remaining “no flush” restrictions will be lifted. 

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