Well if the price tag of a 90 dollar burger caught your attention, that makes two of us.

But, there is a reason for the higher than average price, and that would be in the way that the meat of the burger is created.

Carlos Echeandia, who is the owner of Carlos’ Bistro which created this fancy burger, has a unique technique to the construction of the patty.

This 8-ounce patty is the first of its kind. Its made by mixing meats from 3 different cows, Japanese Kobe short rib meat, Japanese Wagyu beef and Prime Black Angus beef.

All of the beef is from Denver's Lombardi Brothers Meats.

Each batch of meat has to pass inspections since they are from three different cows, this makes the process to be approved longer.

Everything about this burger is intentional and the burger is dressed to the nines... Not sure if that works here, but I'm using that saying anyway.

The burger's bun is actually aFrench baguette from La Baguette in Old Colorado City, but its not cooked as long as traditional loaves. This makes the baguette softer and easier to eat.

Add thousand Island dressing, ketchup, red onion, tomato, two pieces of bacon and some micro greens on top and you have yourself a finished 90 dollar burger included with french fries on the side you have a completed the plate.

There is a deal day on Thursdays where you can get the burger for $45. Carlo's Bistro is in Colorado Springs at 1025 South 21st Street.

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