Let me be clear up front. I don't have actual sympathy for any Chiefs fans. Not as a Broncos fan whose team has lost to them a whopping 15 times in a row. It KILLS me to even type that sentence. We have definitely seen better days - and hope for better days ahead - in Broncos Country.

I knew the time I saw Patrick Mahomes throw a left handed pass for a first down with Von Miller hanging off him that we in Colorado were in for a long, bumpy ride with this kid playing QB for our AFC West arch nemesis. 15 losses later, here we are.

The Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday for all the marbles, and you'd be pretty hard pressed to find anyone around here rooting for the red menace from Missouri. But believe it or not, there are some. They just have nowhere to go watch the game with their type of people around here. And I don't feel bad about that.

New Head Coach Sean Payton was asked at his introductory presser who he was picking in the game this weekend. He said, “I’m picking the Eagles. We never want anyone in our division to win anything. The perfect weekend for a Broncos fan is we get a win and the other three lose.”

Preach, coach. Thank you for getting it. Your predecessor did not.

Anyway, there's a guy on Reddit - who you almost feel bad for, but don't - who's looking for a spot around here to hang with his people to watch the game.

u/Nearby-You-7231 posts on the Fort Collins subreddit, "KC bar for the Super Bowl? Is there a good place to watch with other Chiefs fans?"

Let it be known that Fort Collins, a.k.a. the northern territory of Broncos Country, has responded as you would expect.

"We don't take kindly to your kind around here," chimes in one user. I don't know what that person looks like, but in my head I picture someone like Sam Elliot in a cowboy hat with a toothpick in his mouth, looking up from a frothy beer at the other end of a bar as he said it.

"The toilet store for you, buddy."

That one's an instant classic.

But my favorite? Someone gave him the address to go watch the game with other Chiefs fans. 3036 Environmental Drive in Fort Collins, to be specific.

What kind of bar is there? Is it a fun place? Is it packed with Chiefs fans every Sunday with tasty cocktails and amazing appetizers and the camaraderie you'd expect from fellow fans of your team? Not exactly.

It's the address for the Fort Collins Wastewater Treatment plant. Better known as where everything flushed down your toilet ends up.

Savage. And I love it!

Come Monday there's only one team in orange and blue for me, but for this one weekend only, "Fly, Eagles Fly."

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