Two reports from the 18th annual baby names report with BabyCenter just ranked the top  baby names this year.

Here are some quick highlights!

On the heels of Kevin Costner’s hugely successful series 'Yellowstone', names inspired by The Wild West are having a big moment.

There are new sheriffs in town, and they’re named Dutton, Stetson, and Wyatt.

Dutton shot up more than 1,800 spots, while Kayce and Rip gained more than 500 and 300 spots, according to BabyCenter. Even “cowboy culture” state names like Texas, Montana, Dakota, and Arizona are all up this year for both boys and girls.

Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash
Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash

Elon is one of the fastest-falling baby names of 2022, dropping more than 450 spots – possibly due to the Twitter acquisition drama that spanned most of this year and remains one of the standout events unfolding in tech, said BabyCenter.

Hollywood drama knocks baby names associated with Will Smith in popularity. Maybe the unforgettable slap at the Academy Awards has something to do with it.

Smith fell 730 spots, Jada fell 257 spots, Will fell 77 spots, and Chris fell 42 spots.

As for the defamation trial of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard? The name Amber fell 176 spots in 2022, to its lowest spot since the 1960s. The name Johnny, meanwhile, rose 16 spots.

Popularized on TikTok, the "coastal grandmother chic" baby name trend has brought on a lot more Mae, Eloise, Adeline, and Rosemary.

Jen Theodore, Unsplash
Jen Theodore, Unsplash

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