Oh, to get the chance to be yelled at by the one and only Gordon Ramsay. The latest season of Hell's Kitchen features young chefs, including one from Longmont.

Summer television this year features another round of that surly but loveable Gordon Ramsey and his hit, 'Hell's Kitchen.' This season features only chefs that are 23 or younger; hence, 'Young Guns.' I wonder if Bon Jovi will be making a guest appearance this season?

Tonight, Chefs, you'll be preparing the 'Blaze of Glory Ribeye' for Mr. Bon Jovi

Victoria Sonora is a junior sous chef, currently working for Charlestown Hotels, but (according to her Linkedin profile, she has been in the hospitality industry all her working life.

She attended the American Culinary Federation, after attending Front Range Community College and Longmont's Skyline High School. Now, she's competing in season 20 of Hell's Kitchen. This is exciting.

It'll be fun to see how far Victoria makes it through the season, what kind of adventures she gets to take and how many times that Chef Ramsey lays into her over her risotto (why is it always about the risotto?)

Gordon Ramsay has always reminded me of a boss we used to have here at the radio station. He was a real pain to work for, but you were always trying to impress him. Then, he'd do something, out of the blue, that was really nice.

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