It's not just about 'not spilling your coffee,' but also about putting a little smile on your face. Have you seen these nifty coffee 'caps?'

Sometimes, maybe even more so these days, you have to embrace the little things. I am very much embracing these tiny coffee lid covers, these 'caps,' that Ziggi's uses. Forget about those stoppers, stop and see what your coffee is 'saying.'

I like coffee; I'm not ashamed to admit it. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, they're all coffee time for me. Ziggi's, which started out in Longmont, does have some really good coffee. They opened up a café-style shop in Loveland near Thompson Valley; I like going there, whether to stop in and read a magazine/book, or just to grab a cup to go.

Ziggi's has been around since 2004, which gives them plenty of experience on providing a great coffee 'experience.' Maybe you have seen these 'caps' that they started using in early 2021; they've made my experiences better, for sure.

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I guess I was struck by the one I first got:

Haters Gonna Hat

It's just so silly, It made me laugh. Haters gonna hat..

Ziggi's Coffee
TSM/Dave Jensen

There are others (though none as quippy as that hat one,) so I got really curious, thinking that maybe there was a Bingo game going on. So I reached out to them to inquire about them.

We first shifted to using these fun, interactive stickers [Cruzin Caps] when we were looking for an alternative to drink stoppers. These innovative stickers serve the same purpose of stoppers by providing our customers with a mess-free experience when they are on the go!


We first started by using their stock lid covers, but now work with their design team to create customized lid covers exclusively for Ziggi’s Coffee. They are great conversation starters, and our customers seem to really enjoy collecting different designs.


We are not currently playing BINGO with these stickers but hope to continue finding creative ways to engage with our customers.

They sent a picture of a variety of the 'caps:'

Ziggi's Coffee Caps
Courtesy: Ziggi's]

There's my 'Haters Gonna Hat,' 7th from the bottom, clockwise. Have you started collecting these, or is that just me; I mean this guy I know?

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