Who doesn't love a cute baby animal? If you raised your hand and are in that group, we simply cannot be friends. There's nothing quite looking at cute pictures of baby animals to give you the warm and fuzzies and one of the cutest of all of the baby animals in my humble opinion is the baby giraffe.

According to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo down in Colorado Springs, they along with many others are now awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe and thanks to video cameras placed in the giraffe area of the zoo, the whole world can wait together and check in on Mama Bailey to deliver her baby.


For giraffe's, the usual time for a pregnancy is anywhere between 14 and 16 months so the due date for Bailey the Giraffe started on Monday September 19th to November 19th so zoo officials have turned on the cameras for people to follow the process and check in with Mama Bailey.

What makes this pregnancy even more special is the fact that reticulated giraffes like Bailey are endangered but thanks to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, they're been working on keeping the species alive by hosting over 200 births over the last several years.

So if you're looking for your daily dose of cuteness or maybe just need an extra dose, feel free to check in with Bailey the Giraffe and perhaps see the miracle of birth.


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