Petroglyphs are fascinating pieces of history, that allow humans in modern times to get a glimpse at what life was like hundreds and thousands of years ago. These ancient rock relics can be found all over the world, appearing mostly on the sides of cliffs or on the walls of caves.

The deeply carved grooves form intricate designs that often depict images of hunting, gathering, and daily life in archaic and formative periods. Differing from pictographs, which were painted onto surfaces, petroglyphs were carved or scratched, into the rocks.

Colorado has a significant amount of rock art that's been categorized into four different time periods: ArchaicFormative, Protohistoric, and Historic.

Explore for Petroglyphs at These Places in Colorado

There are multiple locations in Colorado where great examples of ancient petroglyphs can be found.

Explore the Paint Mines of Colorado

The Paint Mines Interpretive Park is such a unique place to see.

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