There are sounds that will instantly send chills up your spine and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The wind through the trees, a creaking door or floorboard, rattling of chains in the dark. the growl of an animal in the dark and the howl of a large wolf.

I'd say the howl of a wolf would be pretty close to the creepiest sound you could experience. Especially when you're not really sure where that howl is coming from.

Mary and Adam Miles live on a ranch in Northwest Wyoming near the Shoshone National Forest and in an area of Wyoming that is frequented by just about every large animal that roams around Wyoming.

  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goats
  • Deer
  • Antelope
  • Bears

With all of those potential visitors on the ranch, you never know what you're going to see...or hear at any given time. Having the potential of all these visitors, you're bound to have game cameras set up around the ranch.

If you're not familiar with game cameras, these cameras use motion censors to take pictures or videos of anything that moves in front of the camera. You're not sure what image or video you'll capture. It could be a chipmunk, deer, elk, person, grizzly or a howling wolf.

Because they live on such an active ranch, you know they get some great pictures and videos. It's great when folks that have these opportunities, share them with the rest of us. They could surely just keep them to themselves, but they choose to let us get a peek into their world.

Check out some of these Instagram videos that they've captured and shared. The first one is of a Grizzly that found the camera and the second one is of an alpha male wolf howling.


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