It's going to be called Kinston, and it's going to be big. By 2031-2036, 8,000 residents could be living there

If you've been wondering when they are going to start developing that land east of the Promenade Shops at Centerra, 'very soon' is the new answer. They have done some development, with the new Eagle's Nest Apartments, but this will be on a much grander scale.

According to North Forty News, McWhinney is developing Kinston (Kinship + Town) will take up 3,000 acres, with three home builders: Lennar, Richmond American Homes, and Dream Finders Homes. I've heard of Lennar and Richmond, but Dream Finders sounds new to me; that's not to comment on them, just to say I've already learned something new.

The new model homes for Kinston should be open by the end of 2021/early 2022, with the development planning to have what they'll call Kinston Hub. Kinston Hub will be the community center and welcome center for the community and will feature a cafe operated by a coffee and beer 'purveyor.' That does sound intriguing, to me.

What the Home Builders are Planning with Phase 1:

Dream Finders:  47 single-family homes on traditional lots, 1,800-2,750 square feet.

Lennar: 57 single-family homes 1,800-2,400 square feet as well as 60 single-family homes set up in a cluster configuration, 1,400-2,700 square feet.

Richmond American Homes: 33 single-family homes 1,945-2,745 square feet with an option for a finished basement, as well as 40 single-family 'alley loaded' duplex homes, 1,260-1,475 square feet.

We've all seen the way the housing market is growing, right along with the population of Northern Colorado. This will be a fine addition to the list of places to live in the area. This location is in Loveland, but with quick access to Fort Collins, Greeley and the interstate.

Get more on Kinston from North Forty News HERE.

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