Just about everybody loves a great burger. That's why there are so many burger joints across the nation. Two in Colorado stand out among the best.

Burgers are a 'comfort food;' and these are definitely times for such. So, when I heard that Colorado had two joints on Daily Meal's recent list of the '101 Best Burgers in America,' I jumped in to find out which Centennial State places made the list.

Lucky for us, in Northern Colorado, they are both just little ways down I-25. Both are about burgers, but the two joints are different, in their own way.

No. 80 out of 101 is a dive-bar in Sedalia, about 90 minutes south of Fort Collins, Bud's Cafe & Bar. They've been open since the 1950s and they keep it simple: A burger with pickles and onions, along with potato chips. It doesn't sound like the kind of place that's big on substitutions, either. Their cheeseburger costs about $4.20.

No. 54 out of 101 is a joint that makes a lot of 'Best of' lists: Cherry Cricket in Downtown Denver. Cherry Cricket is an upscale 'hip' burger joint, with 30 topping choices for your burger, including 'herbed cream cheese.'  Their cheeseburgers start at about $9.

Get the full list from Daily Meal HERE.

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