Welcome to April 21, the day that everyone across the nation is coming down, except for Colorado, because we are always at high altitude. 

Did you know there is a website called highdeas.com, where you can go give your half-baked ideas eternal life on the internet before you forget them? No, really. The submission button reads, 'SUBMIT: Before you forget.'

Some of them are so genius and so dumb at the same time; they are just what your doctor ordered for your post-4/20 blues. Well, that and your old medical card.

Given that the state of Colorado was particularly hazy yesterday, we thought there would be some gold nugs of wisdom on Highdeas today. We were right. Here are five of them.

We'll take your word for it.

Even weed

Whoa, how did a high person notice this, but I never did?! (ahem... *through)

I can see right threw my eyelids  

This is genius. I'll keep this in mind when I hoard the front desk candy at work... 


Let's talk about inequality for a minute.

Left-handed people

Give it up for your knees, everyone. 

Knees are legit


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