The holiday season is almost over, and tax season is right around the corner. What to do with that tax refund in 2017? How about an unforgettable Colorado road trip?

Think about the possibilities. You have the ability to pack an RV (or your minivan) and be able to hit the road to see the amazing sights that our great state has to offer.

But what locations should be on your bucket list for final destinations throughout Colorado? Whether you want to stay in the front range, or maybe have your eyes drifting towards checking out wine country on the western slope, there is something for everyone in your family to see in 2017.

Here are five locations that we think you need to set your GPS to as they could offer something for everyone in your family to enjoy. No matter how big or small the amount of people is that you need to satisfy, these five choices could be the easiest to make everyone happy.

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