I've learned over the years that it is relatively easy to drive around the city of Fort Collins. Yes there's traffic and more population. But it's still easy to get from point A to point B.

However, the commute would be much easier if there were a selected amount of intersections that had the chance to hit the reset button in how they were either designed or how the lights work at the intersection.

I had a chance to think more about this after I drove around the city the other afternoon, as there are some intersections that are downright dangerous to be stuck at!

Here are five that come to mind throughout Fort Collins. What other intersections would you add to this list? Let us know below!


  • Credit: Google

    Ziegler Road-Council Tree (Front Range Village) Intersection

    The intersection of Ziegler and Council Tree (Front Range Village) in the city is what prompted me to write this blog. Have you ever tried to turn left from Council Tree onto Ziegler late in the afternoon during the week? Trying to judge if someone pulling out of work for the day is going straight or turning can be downright hairy. What this intersection needs is a delayed turn for people coming out of both sides of the road before the other drivers have a chance to do anything else.

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    Mountain Avenue-Riverside

    Turning left from Riverside onto Mountain is more something that can take FOREVER as well as being somewhat dangerous. All the city needs to do is add a turn signal here for the traffic to flow better than what it does now.

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    North College-Jefferson

    Ever turned right onto North College from Jefferson, and then need to take an immediate left onto Cherry? Yeah...good luck with that during a busy time of day.

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    College Avenue-Mountain

    There are a few things that bother many people about this intersection. First off, it can sometimes take FOREVER to turn in either direction. Second, with the amount of people using the crosswalk at the same time you're allowed to turn, you have to keep an eye on all corners of your eye. Isn't there something the city can do here?

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    Harmony-Frontage Road

    My perception of this intersection is that I see the most accidents on Harmony happening at this spot. My perception could be wrong, but it seems like people who are turning from the Frontage Road don't time out properly the cars coming down Harmony at 55 MPH. REDO!