As we celebrate Colorado Craft Beer week, we are reminded that Northern Colorado is widely known as the "Napa Valley of Beers" across the nation.

From veteran craft brews in Fort Collins and Greeley, to start ups in Berthoud and Wellington, there are delicious beers that are made utilizing creative minds who also love the science behind it.

I moved to Colorado four years ago, and have a great appreciation for the amazing brewers we have in our very own backyard. What may have started as a hobby for them was able to grow into something that all of us were able to enjoy.

Trying to narrow down the five breweries that you should visit this week was a tough one to come by, as EVERY brewer across Northern Colorado excels at something great. But in my travels trying beers throughout the region, these are the five craft breweries that continue to excite me the most.

They not only pour great tasting beers each day, but they also bring together a community like no other business can do.

So when you have a minute after work this week, stop by one of these five Northern Colorado craft breweries or take time out to visit your favorite if it isn't on this list!



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    Credit: Google

    Maxline Brewing (McClelland Drive - Fort Collins)

    Maxline Brewing in Fort Collins is one of my top five because of not only the great brews they have, but also the events they put together which literally bring hundreds of people from Northern Colorado together in one location. From the "Beer Hunt" they had on Easter Sunday, to the "Buzzed Bees" that they have put on in the brewery, Maxline truly knows how to be one of the biggest flag wavers in the community of craft brewing. I highly recommend the Woodchip Coffee Porter the next time you are in!

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    Credit: Google

    Weldwerks Brewing (8th Avenue - Greeley)

    Weldwerks Brewing in Greeley has already received accolades across the country for the delicious craft brews they have, and I highly recommend you driving to 8th Avenue to check them out yourself. Their "Juicy Bits" is a beer that dreams are made of, and I just tried a can of their "Fruity Bits Double Mango Milkshake" for the first time at dinner. This beer definitely jumped close to the top of my list! Plus their bar is family friendly as well as dogs being welcome on their patio. Great location for everyone to try out this week for the first time!

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    Soul Squared Brewing (Cleveland Avenue - Wellington)

    Soul Squared Brewing in Wellington has gone through an awesome change for them over the past few months, as they opened up their first taproom in Wellington located at 3740 Cleveland Avenue. Congrats guys! But what is even better about Soul Squared is that they are a "farm built beer"! They use ingredients from their farm and locally sourced to make their beer taste great. Plus you can join their CSA Beer Club to be able to get different bombers each month. So if you haven't tried Soul Squared Brewing yet, craft beer week is the week to do it!

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    High Hops Brewery (CO-392 - Windsor)

    High Hops Brewery has the words perfect as soon as you open their website when they say, "All Types of Beer for All Types of People". High Hops is this author's choice to head to after the work day has wound down for the week. You can always try some of the usual favorites like "The Golden One", "The Power of Zeus", or the "Habanero Hunny". But if you're looking for a spot to unwind and relax at the end of the day (or at lunch), High Hops has the perfect atmosphere for it. Plus you can also buy your gardening supplies while you're there, making it one stop shopping at it's finest.

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    Gilded Goat Brewing Company (South College Avenue - Fort Collins)

    If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of old town Fort Collins but still want a great brew, Gilded Goat Brewing Company is a new kid on the block who is winning over customers with their beer. From their Citrus Hour to the Purple Dream, there is something at the Gilded Goat for everyone. The times that I have had the chance to stop by, it's relaxing and the entire staff is inviting and personable. They truly match up to what many of us want out of our craft breweries in Northern Colorado.

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