There is one less fast food place as it appears that Kentucky Fried Chicken has lost the least to the building in Windsor, Colorado. Something caught my eye as I drove into the shopping center on Wednesday.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

The building where Kentucky Fried Chicken used to be had paper all over the windows, the signage had been removed, and a sign was posted on the front door stating the restaurant was closed.

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The location at 1590 Main Street in Windsor shows the restaurant is still open at, so the closure seems to have happened recently. As for the reason for the closure, the sign states that the lease was lost.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

Windsor fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken will have to head to the next closest location to pick up their favorite fried chicken at KFC. The nearest locations to Windsor, Colorado, can be found below:

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1650 Foxtail Drive, Loveland, Colorado

Kentucky Fried Chicken -  2804 West 10th Street, Greeley, Colorado

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 2413 8th Avenue Greeley, Colorado

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 2991 North Garfield Avenue, Loveland, Colorado

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 4001 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado

Kentucky Frid Chicken - 1227 East Magnolia Street, Fort Collins, Colorado

I think the biggest bummer is that if I am in the mood for an A&W Root Beer, I will have to find somewhere else to get one. This location was quick and easy and was right down the road, which made it an easy choice for a sweet drink during a lunch hour break.

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