As COVID-19 Delta variant cases spread across the state, and healthcare staff and resources are spread thin, some good news is that 75 percent of adults in Colorado have now gotten a vaccine. 

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The milestone was reported on August 31, and while 75 percent of the adult population has gotten a vaccine, it does not mean 75 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. Typically, you need two doses of the vaccine, over the span of a few weeks. Then, you need to wait 14 days after the second dose for your body to reach immunity, though no vaccine is 100 percent effective.

9NEWS' Marc Sallinger reported the vaccine statistic along with another — that there's still 30 percent of Colorado's healthcare workers who haven't gotten the vaccine. A new mandate, however, will change that. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith himself even pleaded for the community to get the shot(s) recently, as local ICU capacities are in jeopardy.

In other COVID-19 news, if you're concerned about keeping yourself safe and uninfected as the Delta variant spreads (even among the vaccinated), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is using cheese — yes, cheese — to explain how you can protect yourself and others.

Of course, getting vaccinated is the cheese slice with the least holes, but there are still other things we should do. For example, 'cough etiquette.' (My personal pet peeve is when people cough into their hands.) And, an important one for your cousin on Facebook: share fact-based information. If you need some of that, here's a good place to start.

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