With so many of the streets being named after our nation's presidents, it seems only fitting to conduct a Secret Service guided trip around town.

This whole idea of a Presidents' Day Bar Crawl in Loveland, started with me long ago with my girlfriend at the time. At the time, we lived in Fort Collins and would go to Chili's on Presidents' Day if only to have one of their Presidente Margaritas. We thought it was cute.

Once I moved back into Loveland, it occurred to me that there are some great spots that you could stop in (in addition to Chili's) to celebrate the national holiday. Whether it being stopping at a place along one of the streets named after a President, or a place that has a name that implies a President.

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I've come up with a solid six stops that your and your Presidential Convoy could do that day. Obviously, you should make sure you have a driver, like a president would, to make sure everyone is safe.

Let the Crawl begin.


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By starting at Chili's for the Presidente Margarita (and food) you're really getting into lighthearted mood of the whole thing, as this isn't even about an American president.

SECOND STOP: The [Oval] Office Lounge


The Office Lounge has always had that "tongue-in-cheek" "Honey, I'm going to The Office" name. By adding one more word, we make it a Presidential stop.

STOP #3: Black and Blues Music and Brews

Facebook/Black and Blues Music and Brews

Black and Blues Music and Brews happens to be on Cleveland Avenue, so it's a perfect spot for your caravan to stop in at.

STOP #4: Betta Gumbo

Facebook/Betta Gumbo

You can celebrate Cajun America as well as Presidents' Day with a stop in at Betta Gumbo right at the corner of 3rd Street and Lincoln Avenue in The Foundry.

STOP #5: Monroe's

Facebook/Monroe's Lounge

Monroe's Lounge, within the Best Western near the interstate is a great Presidential stop in a few ways: It's off of Eisenhower Boulevard, President Monroe, and when I hear Monroe, I think of Marilyn Monroe and President Kennedy.

FINAL STOP: Rocky River Bar at Embassy Suites

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Presidents often visit embassies, so why not your Presidential Bar Crawl? The Embassy Suites in Loveland's Rocky River Bar is neat little stop.  With this also being your lasts stop, you could think about grabbing a room for the night.

No need to talk about politics with this Presidential Bar Crawl, just enjoy the day and the drinks.

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