Don't call her a 'One-Hit-Wonder,' though most of us know her from her big hit, 'Stay.' Lisa Loeb is bringing her guitar and glasses to a new venue in Loveland.

Yes, that is the one and only Lisa Loeb that you may have seen in the recent Geico commercial. The YouTube video has over 200,000 views; that goes to show you that people still appreciate her, even when she's singing about a cracked windshield.

I was just thinking, maybe they tied in a cracked windshield to throw a nod to Hootie & The Blowfish, whose 'Cracked Rear View' dominated the '90's? Probably not, but, you never know.

Looking at her tour dates, this Loveland show does stand out. She'll be in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and Torrance, California, before taking the stage in our little ol' Sweetheart City. She be at Denver's famous Soiled Dove the night after.

Lisa Loeb will perform at 7 p.m. at The Gressiwick in Downtown Loveland, on Saturday, May 6, 2022.


The Gressiwick is a relatively new venue having opened in late September of 2021 in Downtown directly south of The Black Steer. It's an upstairs venue, for live music, Karaoke nights, and private events.  They boast that they bring an 'Old-Word Charm' to Loveland, as an event venue.

This is going to be fun show, I bet a sell out. Lisa Loeb is that kind of artist, that may not have a large list of hits, would be a lot of fun to see live. She was the first pop artist to have a #1 single without having a record contract, way back in 1994.

She has new music out, which sounds much like... Lisa Loeb:

Tickets, according to the Gressiwick's site, go on sale on February 12, 2022, at 10 a.m, starting at $40.

How much would you bet that Lisa goes out after the show, simply without her glasses, and blends right in at The Pourhouse?

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