A video of a barber kicking his client out of his chair when Quavo walks into his barbershop has sparked a “What would you do?” debate on social media.

On Friday (June 17), Instagram user @youssefbarber, an Atlanta barber and owner of Diamond Cuts studio, posted a video on IG of himself and a client named Lance sitting in his chair getting his haircut. When Quavo walks into the barbershop, the barber immediately tells Lance to get up so the Migos member can get in his chair.

In the clip, the caption reads, “What would you do if QUAVO Huncho walked into your barbershop?” The caption also adds, “Get yo ass up, Lance, n do that dance.”

For the record, Lance is a longtime client at Diamond Cuts studio and was informed ahead of time that if Quavo did walk in he would have to get up so the Atlanta rapper can get his cut done. So the barber wasn’t being unkind to Lance. Peep Lance's comment below under @youssefbarber's IG video.

@youssefbarber via instagram
@youssefbarber via instagram

However, the video has sparked mixed reactions from people who felt the barber was extremely unprofessional for telling his client to get out of his chair so he could cut Quavo's hair.

But some people also understood what the barber was doing—it was just business, never personal. If a celebrity client walks in, said celebrity gets preferential treatment because he’s probably paying the most for his haircut.

"Aye that Barber a groupie like a mf. Just cuz Quavo walked in the barbershop Nigga you ain’t finna make me get up. Either Quavo paying for my shit or my shit free," wrote one person on Twitter.

Another commenter tweeted, "Making your client get out the chair mid cut cause Quavo walked in is wild lol y’all let barbers treat y’all any kind of way."

And another user, who claims to be a barber, wrote, "I’m not gonna lie, as a barber, I would do the same, quavo 100% gonna pay me way more than bro in the chair, it’s worth a lost client imo."

Check out more reactions to the barber’s video below.

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