This poor man. Somehow he ends up inside the elevator of a building he didn't even live in, dies there, and remains there for nearly a month! It’s not easy getting old, without a doubt.

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This story just gets sadder.

The Denver Post reports that upon further investigation, Mr. Komisarchik pushed the emergency button twice within 8 minutes on the morning of July 6, 2017 (the day after he had been reported missing) in hopes of getting rescued from the elevator. They are trying to find out why no one responded. It's most-likely due to Mr. Komisarchik's that he only tried requesting help twice.


The reviews for this particular apartment building complex are not good, so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that an elderly man with diminished capacity might end up dying in their elevator. I think the really hard part, is wrapping your head around the fact that his body remained there for about a month.

The Woodstream Apartments in Denver are near the Cherry Creek Country Club, in south Aurora; just to give you some bearing. Also near the apartment building is the Babi Yar Park, which is a living Holocaust Memorial. I don’t know anything about 82-year-old Issak Komisarchik background, but I can see where he may have visited that park on or around July 5, 2017. That’s the day that Issak was reported missing, last seen on Yale- which runs by Babi Yar Park.

Obviously, they never did find Mr. Komisarchik. He was discovered in an elevator of the apartment building on August 2, 2017. Reports don’t say who reported him missing, or who was last to see him, but they also aren’t saying that they suspect foul play.

Mr. Komisarchik had dementia; perhaps he was lost, wandering around the lower ‘industrial’ parts of the building and entered the wrong door.  Accidents happen, it’s true, but for the body to remain there for so long is so sad. Of course, the eventual odor lead them to Mr. Komisarchik body.

Hopefully, soon, they’ll know exactly what happened, and why it took so long for him to be found. It does remind me of a story out of Fort Collins from 2012, where a dead person’s body was discovered in a movie theater’s restroom- after five days of being there.

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