Boulder's Seed Ranch Flavor Co. 'Hot Thai Green' sauce will be featured in First We Feast's "Hot Ones".

Boulder-based Seed Ranch Flavor Co.'s sauces, seasonings and other products are organic and you can find their products at the Boulder Farmers Market and Denver Old South Pearl Farmer's Market.

The "Hot Thai Green" sauce is made up of lemongrass, green chilies, cilantro, shallots, coconut and basil.

This YouTube show looks into different sauces to see which one has the strongest spice.

First We Feast's YouTube channel has 7.9 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views. The show has multiple series, including "Hot Ones", "Feast Mansion" and "The Burger Show".

Gordon Ramsay, Paul Rudd, Nick Offerman and other celebrities have been featured on the channel.

Here is the "Hot Ones" series list of sauces they will try:

  1. The Classic*
  2. Tamaulipeka - Cantina Royal Hot Sauce
  3. Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce - Fiji Fire
  4. Scotch Bonnet Mustard - Double Take Salsa Co.
  5. Los Calientes Rojo*
  6. Hot Thai Green - Seed Ranch Flavor Co.
  7. Stargazer - Pepper North Artisan Foods
  8. Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity - Spicin Foods Inc.
  9. Widow Maker - Dingo Sauce Co.
  10. The Last Dab XXX*

* — denotes "Hot Ones" branded sauce

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