Though we reported here as it was happening, as a recap, there was a fire at Empower Field at Mile High on Thursday. The damage from the fire could cost the stadium around $100,000 or more in lost revenue now.

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Fire At Broncos Stadium, Empower Field at Mile High To Cost Thousands In Revenue

Seeing our beloved Denver Broncos' Stadium in flames on Thursday, Mar. 24 was a bit unsettling for just about everybody. FOX 31 and the Denver Fire Department are reporting that the fire was accidentally started in a fourth-level suite and ended up spreading down to the 300 level, specifically affecting sections 332 and 334.

That's about 300 seats damaged due to the blaze and that means roughly 300 seats won't be available for upcoming events booked at the stadium which could mean some serious ticket revenue loss for Empower Field at Mile High as well as the promoters of the upcoming events.

FOX 31's examples are the upcoming Monster Jam show which will be at Empower Field at Mile High on Saturday (Saturday, Saturday. Sorry, Monster truck joke) Apr. 23.

It's not likely those seats will be available by that date and so that'll cost them roughly $15,000 in lost revenue. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set for Saturday, July 23, and with tickets roughly around $200 face value in that area, it could cost the stadium another $60,000.

They didn't even include Arena Cross on April 30th, Luke Combs on May 21st, or Kenny Chesney on Saturday, July 30th. While there's a chance they can get repairs done before the July events, it's certainly going to take time and will undoubtedly cost Empower Field and the promoters ticket income for those lost seats and suites in the meantime.

The main priority is to have the Stadium ready to go before the Bronco's first pre-season in August.

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