The good people at provide the valuable service of pointing out the most egregious wastes of yarn sold on the craft site Etsy, whose wares are often made by Brooklyn’s ukulele-playing, manic-pixie dream girls.

However, as this buttless dress shows, the site isn’t all crocheted owls and pictures of sullen boyfriends modeling handmade scarves and hats. For just $36 and the cost of shipping from Greece, one can purchase a dress displaying some ample ass cleavage . It may or may not have been inspired by the architecture of the Dallas Cowboys’ old Texas Stadium or a plumbers’ union fan club.

Buttless Dress 2



Maybe this dress would have been better suited for the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog on a page alongside the crotchless panties?

Seriously, this dress should come with the number of a lawyer for when the wearer is arrested for indecent exposure after wearing it in public. Or a can of pepper spray.

[Via Regretsy]

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