You know the ever-popular Facebook memes: 'Ruin a date in three words,' 'write a scary story in four,' etc. So, we're playing along. 

TSM Fort Colllins

Ault was kind of ahead of the game with their cute acrostic, 'A Unique Little Town.' Unique? Up for interpretation (though they do have a cool lantern festival). But it is, in fact, a little town. How would you describe your Northern Colorado city?

I'll take a stab at it.

Fort Collins: F@$% S&*# F@$% TRAIN

Greeley: How about street names?

(Sure, I know that the whole 'street' and 'avenue' grid thing makes sense to you who live there, but it confuses the hell out of the rest of us who are on 8th and 10th instead of 10th and 8th.)

Loveland: Where is my valentine?

No really. #foreveralone, Sweetheart City.

Share yours with us in the comments and we'll put them all in a blog together and see how Northern Coloradans describe our home in just four words.



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