Colorado is known for being one of the most environmentally-friendly states in the country. Many residents make eco-conscious efforts and simple lifestyle choices that help contribute to keeping Colorado a green place to live. Some of these measures include reducing one's carbon footprint by biking or walking instead of driving, as well as composting and recycling.

When it comes to recycling, it's important to know what items are actually accepted before just throwing something in a bin. Clean glass and plastic bottles are usually taken by any recycling center, but the same cannot be said for certain other discarded items.

Cardboard is one of those things.

Not only is cardboard not accepted at every recycling facility, but not all used cardboard can be recycled either. Fortunately, Fort Collins and several surrounding cities accept this type of packaging item at five different recycling facilities. Cardboard boxes should always be flattened before being dropped off or left for a curbside company.

One cardboard item left in question though is used pizza boxes. You want to feel good about recycling the remaining cardboard, but do facilities even want it?

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes in Colorado?

According to the city of Fort Collins' recycling regulations, pizza boxes that are not significantly soiled with food waste can be recycled in a curbside recycling bin or at the local drop-off locations.

On the other hand, pizza boxes that are greasy or have food on them should be thrown away. If there is a large amount of grease on the bottom of the pizza box, tear off the greasy section to throw away and then recycle the clean portion. A few specks of grease are okay, but big blobs are not. Grease and food remnants can cause mold, which is why dirty pizza boxes should be discarded in the trash rather than recycled.

While Fort Collins municipal code bans the landfill disposal of cardboard, items that can’t be recycled, such as greasy pizza boxes, are excluded.

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