There's a new guy in Colorado, who's actually an old guy, and his food review videos are taking over Youtube.

"Old Guy in Colorado" is becoming something of a social media sensation with his newly uploaded food reviews of various Colorado restaurants, fast food joints, and snack foods.

Valuable Source of  Information In Colorado

Old Guy In Colorado's Youtube channel states, "Welcome to my variety channel! I do Cooking as well as Food reviews mixed in with a little comedy, skits, projects and much more!! How deep does the rabbit hole go?"

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Food Reviews For The Common People

So far, Old Guy In Colorado's food reviews feature everyday food for real people. We're not talking about candlelight four-star cuisine at a Park Avenue restaurant. We're talking about the new Chophouse Cheese Burger at Sonic.

These are honest, no-holds-barred critiques conducted from the front seat of his car. He's fair, honest, and to the point.

So Good It Was Worth a Second Look

The video at the top of this post is a review for new Jersey Mike's at 1201 Wellington Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado. Old Guy In Colorado liked it so much he had to come back and try it again. Okay, so in reality, he forgot something in Grand Junction, and had to make the 100+ mile drive back to get it. Still, he liked Jersey Mike's so much that he stopped by to give it another try.

Another Stop In Grand Junction, Colorado

Have you tried Mod Pizza in Grand Junction? Old Guy In Colorado has. The venue received positive reviews from Old Guy In Colorado, with him pointing out the zesty sauce.

Old Man In Colorado's Rating System

With this criticism, we don't get stars, thumbs up or down, or any of the exhausted methods of measuring. With him, we get "Old Guy Grunts." A perfect score would be ten out of ten Old Guy Grunts. In the video above, Mod Pizza gets an impressive eight out of ten Old Guy Grunts.

It Doesn't End With Restaurants

Old Guy In Colorado reviews a number of food items, going so far as to offer critiques of specialty sodas and peanuts.

Looking Forward To More Reviews

Welcome to Youtube, Old Guy In Colorado. To be perfectly blunt, you've reviewed two restaurants in Grand Junction I have yet to try. With prices being what they are, many of us have to be choosey when it comes to eating at restaurants. Your reviews offered valuable insight. I'll have to give Jersey Mike's and Mod Pizza a try.

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