Cardi B recently admitted to getting most of her butt injections removed.

On Tuesday (Dec. 6), Cardi B chopped it up with fans on Instagram Live, opening up about a number of topics. During the chat, she talked about her opinion on women getting butt injections and revealed she got her own injections recently taken out.

"If you young, if you 19, and you 20 and you 21, sometimes you too skinny. And you be like, 'Oh my God, I don't have enough fat to blow up my ass.' And you resort to ass shots, don't fucking do it. I am super against ass shots. I'm super against biopolymers. I'm just against it."

She continued: "I got it out of me. But of course, they took it out of me, but they still had to shape my butt because they took a lot of ass shots out. So, I actually removed my ass shots out of my butt. I removed 95 percent of it and young girls...Not young girls because it's young and older. Whatever you do, don't get ass shots. I'm really against them."

"I all the way support you if you want to do alterations to your body, I'm all the way with it," Cardi B added. "But do not get ass shots. I would never recommend them. Luckily, my ass shots that I did when I was 20 years old, they never turned purple, they never got discolored. They never did nothing stupid to me. I never felt pain. However, after I gave birth to my son, and I gained all that weight and my ass looked extremely big, I was like, nah, I gotta take this shit out."

During the Live, Cardi B also talked about her reluctance to put out new music, citing anxiety issues.

See Cardi B Revealing She Got Most of Her Butt Injections Removed Below

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