The Colorado Department of Transportation is crashing the Snoop Dogg concert tomorrow to warn 4/20 concertgoers about the dangers of rollin' in your vehicle while baked (because, to be blunt, driving when you're blazed is highly dangerous).

Kristian Dowling /Getty Images
Kristian Dowling /Getty Images

In a press release, CDOT announced they will be on site at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Denver to enact a 'Slow-Speed Chase' around the venue in 'two vehicles -- one that looks like a patrol car, and the other wrapped in bright marijuana leaf designs' which will 'display messages about the dangers and consequences of driving while high.'

In Colorado, driving under the influence of marijuana is a chronic problem. If you get busted driving high, you will be issued a DUI, which is a total buzz kill. So like, don't do it.

In the meantime, CDOT will be driving around in a really slow circle to serve you with this token cautionary PSA.

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