Chelsea White is a UK model that has been a Page 3 girl for ‘The Sun’ and has done several magazine spreads and TV commercials. She is our Rock 102.9 Babe of the Day today because Chelsea is actually more famous for being behind the camera. Chelsea is a professional photographer and make-up artist.

She is 100% hotter than any photographer we’ve ever seen. She is 100% hotter than EVERY wedding photographer we’ve ever seen. Those guys are so creepy. And sweaty. Why do they sweat so much? Every other guy is in a suit and tie and this guy has on a short sleeve Tommy Bahama shirt and is sweating more than Conrad Murray at the MJ trial. “Please stop perspiring on the wedding cake sir. Go take some candid shots of Mee-Maw grinding the DJ.”

Chelsea still does modeling on the side and posts a ton of great pictures to her Twitter account. It doesn’t say if she is available for weddings. She can sweat on our cakes any time.




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