Our drinking water starts in the great Rocky Mountains but a lot can happen to it from there to our faucets. How clean is your water?

For residents in Greeley, there is a water quality report that is published each June; it's actually a federal law. The City of Greeley, this year, has included a “Get to Know Your Water” which includes information on where exactly your water comes from, how it's treated and how it actually makes it to your home or business.

One of the things the city monitors is a very long list of potential contaminants, which I am VERY thankful for. The water we drink must meet all the criteria set forth in the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act which establishes the water quality standards for public drinking water systems.

In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prescribes regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in drinking water provided by public water systems. Tap water meets more stringent and much more frequently monitored health standards than does bottled water.

If you live in Greeley, and want to know more about your water, make sure you keep an eye out for your June water bill as the annual report will be included with your bill. If you don't get a water bill or have concerns about your water, you can call 970-350-9846 to request a copy. You can also click here for a free ride to the City of Greeley website to read more.

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