The new trend of "forest bathing" has made its way to Colorado, and while we do have plenty of creeks, streams, and lakes throughout our forests and national parks, it doesn't actually refer to taking a dip.

Rather, forest bathing is a term used by people who take the opportunity to really soak in world around them. The whole idea is to slow down and tune in to your senses, like sights, smells and sounds. Doing so, makes a person feel entirely present in the moment – plus, it's actually pretty surprising what all you notice when you actually pay attention.

Kelsey Nistel/TSM
Kelsey Nistel/TSM

Anybody can try forest bathing, and it doesn't even have to take place in the woods. There doesn't even have to be a hike involved, and really, there's no final destination. It's more about connecting to your surroundings and taking it all in at a leisurely pace that feels satisfying for you personally. Regardless of where you experience forest bathing, it's good for the soul just to get outdoors and spend some time in a natural setting.

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