Fans of going to the movies have lost a longtime Colorado favorite spot - a few spots actually - when they're heading out to catch a film this weekend.

Yesterday on Facebook, family owned Elvis Cinemas kind of surprised everybody by posting "I wanted to let everyone know that Elvis Cinemas has closed for good. Thanks to everyone who was a part or was a patron over the last 23 years. We will miss all of you."

Elvis Cinemas has been owned and operated by Pete Rutt and his family, and leaves bittersweet memories for both staff and movie-goers alike.

Haley Manion posted on Facebook, "Us and Our staff have been absolutely honored to work for you Pete. Thank you so much for everything you provided us and our work family. Such a crazy thing."

Former staffer Jade Abenoja also posted, "One of the best jobs I’ve ever had! Thank you for the many years of great memories."

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Corey Alrdrich echoed that sentiment by saying, "We will miss you Pete! You've run such an amazing business and it will be surely missed! Best. First. Job. EVER."

Hundreds of customers have reacted with sadness to the post as well, many sharing memories they've had at any of the cinema's three locations at Tiffany Plaza, in Arvada or in Littleton.

"Wow you will be missed so much," said Sue Strauss. "Thank you for the good times and wishing good luck to all your wonderful employees too. I'm so sad to say goodbye."

Michael Beattie said, "Was privileged to watch movies at all locations. Tiffany Plaza was my most frequent spot as I lived in that part of Denver for more than 20 years. Was just thinking earlier today of paying another visit to TP soon. Sad to see it all go away. Thanks for all the memories."

The theaters had just undergone a renovation - post-COVID - getting all new lights and decor and big comfortable seats in the theaters as well.

No official news on what will happen to the locations now that they have closed.

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