When I first found out about this story I immediately thought of two things. The first is that he has tremendous parents who are raising him the right way. Secondly, this shows a lot of just who this 11-year-old is as a person. What a tremendous act of kindness that was shown by JJ Witmer of Brighton, Colorado as he brought flowers to employees who work at the Boulder, Colorado King Soopers grocery store where tragically 10 people lost their lives less than one week ago during a shooting.

According to CBS News, JJ admitted after the shooting he was afraid and he knew that other people felt the same way but he wanted to do something to help. So, with the help of his mother JJ went to the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder where the shooting took place and offered flowers to all 70-80 employees at the store that day.

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9 News

The Best Part of Handing Out Flowers at the King Soopers Store in Boulder After the Shooting

JJ says the best part for him was the reaction from the employees after being offered a flower.

"Some gave me air hugs, real hugs, or fist bumps. There was this one woman in the bagging area and I gave her a rose. And she started crying and giving me hugs, and it started to make me tear up"

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What JJ Witmer Wants to See Happen After His Act of Kindness

JJ would love to see this action set off a chain reaction of kindness. He admits he was a little hesitant before doing it, but after just a few reactions he wanted to meet every employee in the store.

This is the type of kindness we need more of in the world. Fantastic job, JJ.

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