It's almost hard to believe that nearly 91,000 cats and dogs were in Colorado animal shelters last year, with 89% of them finding Forever Homes.

Best Friends Animal Society recently released its annual report on the state of cats and dogs in animal shelters across the country and the percentage of those dogs and cats that enter shelters having to be killed for lack of space.

Generally, 10% of cats and dogs brought into shelters will die due to them being sick or having a behavioral problem that requires euthanasia. A 'No-Kill' recognized state is a state that finds a home for 90% or more of the animals brought in.

Colorado's 2020 statistics show that we were very close to 'No-Kill' with 89.1% being saved. If you adopted a cat or dog during 2020, like a lot of people did, you helped to make that 89.1% possible.

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Across the country in 2020, almost 350,000 cats and dogs were killed in our shelters, which is down from 625,000 in 2019.

Though progress is being made, Best Friends Animal Society reminds us

950 cats and dogs are being killed every day simply because they do not have a safe place to stay.

As of this writing, Weld Humane Society has over two dozen dogs available for adoption, and even more cats. Larimer Humane Society has about six dogs ready for adoption and over 30 cats.

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