The Convention had its doors closed for pretty much the entire last year due to Covid, but thanks to vaccinations and some relaxing of rules, it's back up and open for business...and it a BIG way with them welcoming about 20,000 people in town for a volleyball tournament.

According to KDVR, thousands of volleyball players and their parents have made their way to Denver for a huge tournament that gets underway Friday morning.

This volleyball tournament is also expected to be huge for hotels and restaurants who have been devastated by the pandemic, they could be bringing in an estimated $13 million in just two weeks.

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While things are kind of getting back to normal, there ARE still some things and precautions that will be taking place as part of the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions which include,  only one parent per player and no switching throughout the weekend.

Parents were required to have a negative test or show proof of vaccination.

The players also had to have a COVID-19 test done earlier in the week and must wear a mask while playing.

Props out to these student athletes who have battled through the year with their schedules being completely messed up, wearing masks while being active and playing sports, it truly is incredible to see these kids playing at such a high level while wearing a mask.

Good luck to all in the tournament.


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